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Getting Started with Simulink

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. But this one deserves a post for sure.

That’s it: I wrote a book. The book is sold in the whole world, and it’s the best one you could gift to your grandma this year, so I’ll say it’s a worldwide bestseller. Get it while it lasts!

Edited by Packt Publishing. Thanks guys!

Yes, it’s on! Hipsters, rejoice! I wonder how the Kindle version looks like — I have to grab one sooner or later.

America! Fear not! It’s on Barnes&NobleSafari and O’Reilly too!

As you may already have understood, this book isn’t going to be the next 50 shades of #7F7F7F, but I hope it will be useful to the many desperate students and engineers out there.

Ah, it’s a book about MathWork’s Simulink®, most likely the only proprietary software I’m using (I’m actually working with it all the time).


First review!

The book has already been reviewed by Andrew “08milluz” Milluzzi (he put the review on Amazon too). It feels quite strange to have a book reviewed, and his review is just wonderful. I liked a lot this one:

The book builds quickly and at first it seems like Zamboni is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you.

marble kitchen sink

Well, that was called for. :-)

UPDATE#1: Packt is throwing an eBook bonanza until January 3, 2013! My book now costs less than 4€! Oh well, I’m not getting rich this time.
UPDATE#2: I found on twitter (#simulink) another review by Erik Newton on This one felt the kitchen sink in Ch.4 :-)
UPDATE#3: Well, it looks like reviews don’t appear in other Amazon.* sites. Have a cup o’ tea, please.

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