FluxBB with PHPass

FluxBB logoAs you may know I’m a GameZoo associate and I currently mantain their servers, and the site as well.

I’m migrating the old forums, that were pretty unmaintainable, to FluxBB 1.5.0.

FluxBB is an incredibly fast and simple forum software, and it runs without hassle on nginx.

The problem with FluxBB is that it stores user passwords as SHA1 hashes, a practice that nowadays is regarded as “unsecure”.

So I edited some files and plugged in PHPass, used by Drupal, Joomla! and PHPbb among the others. It works very nicely, and it was an easy job given how easy to read is the FluxBB code.

Grab your copy of FluxBB+PHPass on my github!

BIG WARNING: that code is intended for new installations. I removed from the login.php file the code that was updating passwords from older FluxBB versions! Do not use this code to update an existing forum, unless you write your own updating method. Moreover, the password field on the database has been stretched to host 60 chars instead of 40, so it could be incompatible with old versions. No, I didn’t write any update code since it was not my goal: I am migrating data from another forum software, so I started with a clean FluxBB install.

Link: https://github.com/sevendays/fluxbb15-GZ/tree/fluxbb-1.5.0-with-PHPass

Please note: don’t pull the master branch, I’m using it for my gamezoo migration project! Pull the tag “fluxbb-1.5.0-with-PHPass” instead.

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