Skype 2 Beta + Kubuntu Gutsy + Audigy2 Platinum… IT WORKS (NOT!) (YES!)

I can’t believe it. The audio was not working anymore.

desperate videocaller without audio
The video was working fine from the beginning, however: I made a screenshot showing how desperate I was :o)

I downloaded the Feisty .deb package of Skype2.0 betalinkgo, installed it and it was NOT working, no sound, or sound the first time and then no sound at all, even Amarok wasn’t able to work after trying and I had to reboot.

I was dying of anger, I swear.

I have spent the whole day trying, tweaking, learning ALSA.

Well, I’m a perfect dumbass. If I had looked where I was meant to look the first timelinkgo, I would have been videocalling by this very morning.

Here’s the solution: wrapping it with aRTS, the KDE audio layer!

artsdsp -m skype

Again, the best thing is to modify the KDE command used to launch Skype via the menu:

It was only “skype” at the beginning… too bad

pencil EDIT: videocalls do not work properly. The whole app crashes after 10 seconds or so. The normal audio works fine, but that’s not a great improvement from the previous version.

pencil EDIT #2: videocalls ARE working. It was not my problem. Thumbs up for Skype, folks! 


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2 thoughts on “Skype 2 Beta + Kubuntu Gutsy + Audigy2 Platinum… IT WORKS (NOT!) (YES!)

  1. Gizzo ha detto:

    non capisco. ma son contento che funzioni.

  2. sevencapitalsins ha detto:

    Sì, “funzionare” è una parola grossa, diciamo che quantomeno mi riconosce la webcam e parte… si chiude da solo, ma parte!

    Come non detto. Funziona tutto da dio.


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